Друг Гарри (druggarry) wrote in komp_online_il,
Друг Гарри

Ищем таланты

У нас снова ищут таланты...

C#/.net programmers
-Proven exp. in developing C#, .NET
-2-3 years Exp. In developing either C++ /Delphi or Java
-Exp with Multi-tiers, com, dcom, com+, xml, xsl, web services
-Relevant academic degree
-Excellent English communication skills

DBA MS-SQL (more applicative DBA)
- 4 years experience with SQL Server 7.x +
- Expert knowledge in logical and physical database design, security
- Application experience of developing db for deployment at customers
- Experience with replication / dts/ .net environment- advantage
- Knowledge of MS technologies (com,dcom,.net)

QA team member
-About 1 year exp with Quality Assurance tests
-Exp. in writing STP, STD
-Exp. with sql queries and/or web environment - advantage
-Exp. with xml
-Profound Background in MS operations systems

Automatic Tests specialist
- About 2-3 years exp. with LOADRUNNER (must) and WINRUNNER
- Exp. in planning and writing ATP and STP
- Exp. in Windows and web environments
- Relevant academic education

Customer Support Engineer
-Proven Exp. in Customer Support (in International Companies- a +)
- Proven Exp. With Windows operating systems (2000, 2003, XP), MS environment- client side
-) TCP/IP, Web, IIS, configurations, COM/DCOM, Win 2000,2003, XP- a+)
- Knowing of CRM systems (Pivotal- a+)
- English- Mother Tongue level

Писать на мыло igor @ tradertools dot com и оставлять телефон

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